Mr. Junior John Ngulube, CEO of SEM visited SORAS and SAHAM in Rwanda

On Friday, November 9, 2018, Mr. Junior John Ngulube, the Chief Executive Officer of SANLAM Emerging Markets (SEM) visited the SORAS and SAHAM Insurance companies in Rwanda. He visited the premises of the two institutions and held talks with their respective Chairpersons, Chief Executive Officers and their executive committees. He finally held meeting with all SORAS and SAHAM staff at the Serena Hotel - Kigali. He was accompanied by Mr. Rachid Akansous, the East Africa & Indian Ocean Director at Saham Finances.

After the approval of acquiring all SAHAM Finances shares by SEM, Mr. Ngulube embarked on a continental tour with the main purpose of visiting all African countries where SAHAM’s subsidiaries had their presence. There was a particularity in Rwanda of having a SAHAM subsidiary and SORAS also 100% acquired by SEM in 2017. He therefore had the opportunity to visit both companies at once.

In his address, Mr. Ngulube briefly touched on the history of SANLAM, its vision and mission, its components, its footprint and business challenges. Mr. Ngulube reminded the team that the goal of SEM in the coming days was to conduct its operations as a Pan-African rather than a South African company only. He stated that the acquisition made by SEM will have a positive impact on its business and as SAHAM specializes in non-life insurance, its expertise will be very useful for the non-life insurance services.

He emphasized that SEM was keen on providing excellent quality of services to its customers in addition to attracting the best talents in countries where it operates in.
Mr. Ngulube added that the National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) had been the first regulatory body to welcome SEM operations after the acquisition of SAHAM shares. He applauded the efforts of the Rwanda Government in facilitating ease of doing business. He reiterated that he was optimistic about the synergy brought on board by the two companies SORAS and SAHAM merger which would result in business growth within the country. "Belonging to a big group makes the cake bigger rather than looking at the existing slice of cake" he concluded.

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