Committed to Africa, our people and their potential

X marks the spot, Sanlam’s latest brand campaign, was recently adapted and launched in Sanlam Emerging Markets’ East African countries as well as Namibia and Zambia.

Celebrating the Group’s steadfast commitment to the African continent and its unwavering belief that anything is possible with hard work and dedication, the ‘X marks the spot’ campaign is testament to Sanlam’s mission to build a continent of Wealthsmiths™ and help create an Africa full of opportunity for future generations to inherit.

The television commercial opens with a young spokesperson pointing out a spot on the ground. ‘See this spot ?’ she asks. ‘It’s easy to mistake as ordinary, right ? Wrong.’ She marks an X on the ground and says, ‘You can make something here. Create something here. Be the first to imagine something here. See this spot ? This is Africa. And it’s all happening here.’

The commercial plays on the idea of X marking buried treasure, with the main goal being to show how a seemingly inconsequential spot could become the birthplace of future ideas, solutions and communities.

‘This taps into the truth that Sanlam has always chosen to stay here, because it’s always known that in every square inch of Africa lies potential. And then there’s 30 million square kilometres more,’ explains Cameron Watson, Creative Director at King James Group, the agency behind Sanlam’s progressive marketing.

The location for the campaign film, which is in Kenya, had to be a vast expanse of land showing potential for growth and development, Cameron says.

‘The script talks to possibility and, as such, the location needed to portray this in a visually engaging way. The location was also first choice for us because it visually reflects the generic Africa savannah.’

Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda will air a slightly adapted version of the TV commercial shown in South Africa, as well as radio adverts with an additional version in Swahili for our Kenyan and Tanzanian audiences. Billboards will also feature across participating countries.


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