SORAS celebrated 30 years of quality service

With different remarks made on this day, SORAS was glad of its success due to the strong and steady performance of the company’s staff and strong management, technology, and timely compensation of clients whenever there is a claim.

Another unforgettable moment was on November 15, 2014 at Serena Hotel in Kigali where were gathered guests, friends of SORAS and senior executives of the country that was among them the guest of honor Ambassador Claver Gatete , the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning.

In his remarks, the chairman of SORAS Group, Mr Charles Mporanyi said that last 3 decades were not trouble-free. He said that SORAS was the first private insurance company to be licensed to operate in Rwanda after the government liberalized the insurance sector in 1983 and SORAS have tried to manage the problems encountered on the new insurance market.

SORAS was the first to serve clients using advanced Information Technology (IT) and we’ve greatly improved. SORAS was also the first to introduce innovative products such as Life Insurance, Medical Insurance and Weather Index Insurance, which provides insurance covers to the farmers.

SORAS Group has for the past three decades registered impressive growth. This is noticeable in the number of our staff. In 1985, the company had 30 employees and in 2014, there are about 300. Also, in 1985 we were serving 2,230 clients but in 2014, SORAS is serving more than 470,000 clients. This makes SORAS the single largest insurance company in terms of clients in the market.

In his speech, ambassador Claver Gatete, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning and the guest of honor during the ceremony praised the success of SORAS after 3 decades of quality service and promised that the government is going to increase its efforts in order to work closely with the insurance sector.

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