The New Year in SORAS GROUP was celebrated at LEMIGO hotel.

It was a great opportunity to compliment what has been achieved during the year 2013 and sharing the future prospects for 2014. They attended the ceremony, workers from SORAS GROUP LTD, SORAS ASSURANCES GENERALES LTD, SORAS VIE LTD, AGASEKE BANK and their managers.

SEKIMONYO Olivier on behalf of all employees of SORAS Group expressed his appreciation for the dedication and courage that have been undertaken to achieve the goals they set in 2013 and also noted the willingness of all SORAS staff to militate for the difference this year 2014.

During the ceremony, it has been also a great moment to welcome the new C.E.O of AGASEKE BANK, Mrs. HABYARIMANA Béatha. She revealed that at the beginning when she started managing the AGASEKE BANK, they had quite a few problems, but now they have the satisfactory performance and she sensitized people from other companies of SORAS GROUP, to save their money in AGASEKE BANK.
The C.E.O of SORAS VIE Ltd, HODARI Jean Chrysostome welcomed also the engagement of his staff during the year 2013, and stated that the year 2013 has been very grievous for SORAS VIE Ltd and for that they have been forced to take other strategies in order to overcome that situation of money scarcity.
The C.E.O of SORAS Assurances Générales Ltd, Mr MBUNDI Benjamin recognized the efforts expended by its staff in 2013 and he said that his company is always the first at the national level, as SORAS Assurances Générales Ltd remains with almost 90% of all its clients.

The guest of honor at the ceremony was the Chairman of SORAS GROUP, Mr. Charles MPORANYI. During his remarks, he welcomed the commitment of all the combined companies. He gave a brief review of the SORAS history and its Road to Success it embodies after 30 years of existence.
Mr. MPORANYI said the SORAS GROUP had a lot to achieve in 2013, but he added that there are so many projects on the agenda in 2014. Among the projects to be implemented in 2014, he stressed the implementation of technology in all services provided by SORAS GROUP, the new 10-storey buildings, hiring new employees to strengthen the existing staff, etc. ...
The ZENO music band also has boosted SORAS staff during the ceremony in an exciting atmosphere.

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