SORAS group celebrated the World Labor Day

The celebration of the day was held on May 2, 2015 and was started by a friendly football match between the employees of SORAS Group . It took place at Umumena Stadium in Nyamirambo area, the match which ended with the victory of 3 goals to 2 in favor of the blues who played against the Reds.

Although a heavy rain has fallen on Kigali that day, this has not prevented the players to prepare for the game.

SORAS group has players full of talent

After the game, other activities took place at Lemigo Hotel where on the agenda was scheduled the rewarding of employees of the year in appreciation of outstanding performance during the year 2014.

Sekimonyo Olivier

MCs of the event

Rugema Charles is the employee of the year 2014 in SORAS Vie Ltd

Sebulikoko Serge is the employee of the year 2014 in SORAS AG Ltd

Birasa Fiacre is the employee of the year 2014 in SORAS Group Ltd

Charles Mporanyi,SORAS Group Chairman
In his remarks, the SORAS Group chairman Mr. Charles MPORANYI appreciated the dexterity of SORAS group staff. He said that in the days to come, SORAS Group will set up a payment system based on performance. This will obviously reduce the idleness of some employees and it will also induce the emulation among all staff.

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