Two decades in service

With about 300 employees, SORAS Group is one of the biggest employers in Rwanda. This is a huge increase from 30 employees it had when it first opened operations in 1984. As the Group celebrates 30 years of successful operations, two of its long serving employees, share their experience. Having started work at SORAS Group on 2 May, 1991, Kayigumire Sébastien is currently the longest serving employee at the Group. Coming next to him is Hakizayesu Nathanaël, who started working at the Group on 12 October, 1993, after high school, aged 22 years. Born on 7 January, 1962, Kayigumire Sébastien started as a gardener at SORAS Group. In 1997, he was promoted to an office messenger a position he continues to hold in 2014. He says when he started work, SORAS had between 35 and 40 employees. Apart from being an office messenger, Kayigumire Sébastien was once one of the representatives of employees to the Group management. This is provided for in the Rwandan labour code. His colleague, Hakizayesu Nathanaël, was born on 10 January, 1971. He started work at SORAS Group as a junior staff. Hakizayesu Nathanaël says he spent the first three months at the company learning insurance operations since he did not have any prior training. After the on-job training was over, the company deployed him in the motor underwriting department still as a junior staff. This was his first deployment at the insurance giant. Since 1993, Hakizayesu Nathanaël has risen through the ranks to become one of the middle managers at SORAS Group with 21 years of experience. When the Genocide started in 1994, SORAS suspected operations until towards end of the year when it reopened. Hakizayesu Nathanaël was among the employees who returned to the company and was transferred to the claims department. He left the claims department in 1999 to become head of section in the life insurance department which was very new. Hakizayesu Nathanaël left the life insurance department to become the head of section in the reinsurance department in 2001 where he stayed until 2006. From reinsurance department, he moved to become chief accountant from 2006 to 2008. In 2008, the company increased its trust in Hakizayesu Nathanaël and moved him to the claims department as the head of section in charge of compensation for damaged vehicles. However, two years later, he was promoted to become a manager in the administration department. In 2011, Hakizayesu Nathanaël was again transferred back to the claims department where he is a manager in charge of compensation for non-motor materials where he manages ateam of four employees. Unlike Kayigumire Sébastien whose job does not require consistent sharpening of knowledge, Hakizayesu Nathanaël is widely trained. In 2003, he was trained in Nairobi, Kenya in reinsurance. By then he was still in the reinsurance department. One year later, in 2004, he enrolled at Kigali Independent University (ULK) in a degree program and graduated in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in Management. As the Group celebrates 30 years of operations, Kayigumire Sébastien and Hakizayesu Nathanaël are proud to be the long-serving employees who have seen SORAS evolve to become a nationally respected Group.

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