SORAS GROUP celebrated new year 2016

The solemn activity took place at Lemigo Hotel in Kigali.The event was an opportunity to make retrospection on the previous year and make knowledge of current year prospects within the Group SORAS

In his speech, the Director General of SORAS vie Ltd, Mr. John Chrysostom Hodari expressed gratitude to the chairman of SORAS Group because he lays down guiding strategies to be followed which help to come up with impressive results. With a team totally devoted, Mr. Hodari hopes that SORAS Life Ltd will do even better this year 2016.

The director General of SORAS Assurance Générales Ltd, Mr. Benjamin MBUNDI, in his remarks stated that SORAS AG Ltd still a trademark which identifies itself with quality, strong management and market leadership in General insurance sector.

Mr. Charles MPORANYI, Chairman of SORAS Group and the guest of honor during the ceremony, in his remarks he wished a very prosperous year to the Staff of SORAS Group. His appreciation went to the management team of SORAS Group subsidiaries for their achievements so far recorded and said that he is assertive that no change will come about.

Event in pictures :

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