SORAS Group cares

Genocide survivors of Mugina sector in Kamonyi District are delighted to have reached their objective, which was to grant a cow to each family of Genocide survivors. In 2012 SORAS Group granted to 8 families among 16 families of genocide survivors of Mugina sector and then these families committed themselves to give cows to other families, once they get calves. The process has been well conducted and up to now each family has its own cow and that’s why Friday, August 21, 2015, they celebrated this achievement.

SORAS Group’s representatives attended that solemn event along side with Mugina sector officials. During this unforgettable moment, the representative of genocide survivors, acknowledged what SORAS Group has done for them so far and took the opportunity to request the maintainance of this cooperation.

In his remarks, the SORAS Group representative, said that it is very encouraging to collaborate with the remarkably dedicated people and he assured them that this collaboration will go on and SORAS Group will expand the support it is giving to them since 2011.

The executive secretary of Mugina Sector, in his remarks acknowledged this helpful support that SORAS is providing to the Mugina genocide Survivors and urges the beneficiaries to take care to the cows that they got and thanked them for having shown their dertermination to preserve properly the support that was given to them.

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