SORAS GROUP Visited NTARAMA Genocide Memorial Site

Friday, April 15, 2016, the senior executives and employees of SORAS Group visited the Genocide Memorial Site of Ntarama in Bugesera District in Eastern province. The visit was part of the 22nd commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi. At the Memorial site, after being recalled the genocide ideology roots and the itinerary it borrowed up to worse that has befallen the country, one of the few survivors of the Ntarama barbarism gave her testimony recounting the ordeal they suffered in the church of Ntarama.

Angelique Mukabukizi in her awful testimony, she retraced her desperate way that carried off her husband and their two children, all decimated during the genocide against the Tutsi. She said that after the death of her loved ones, she mysteriously left the Ntarama Church to take refuge in the tangle of papyrus along the Akagera River.
"Most of people who have escaped from the church sank in the sludge of the impassable valley of Akagera river” she said. Despite these tragic moments she passed through and her scarred heart, she is actually a woman sure of herself, which advocates for peace and always hopes for a better future for her country.

The executives and SORAS Group employees were shown different parts of the Ntarama memorial site showing the disastrous history experienced by 5,000 Tutsi who wanted to seek refuge in this church. The wreath was laid on their graves in their memory by the chairman of SORAS Group, Mr Charles Mporanyi who in his short speech urged SORAS Group employees and others to fight incessantly against the genocide ideology, because it is from this one that the country has sunk into unprecedented horror where one million people have been killed in 100 days. "When there is a rotten seed in an attic, it must be picked up urgently for saving other seeds." Said Mr Mporanyi.
He also said that it is very important to visit Genocide Memorial like Ntarama because it allow people to acquire the reality of what exactly happened during the genocide in Rwanda, so that everyone help to ensure that genocide will never happen again.

For the National Commission for Fighting against Genocide (CNLG) represented by Mr. Nteziryayo Damascene thanked SORAS Group for having visited the site of the Ntarama Genocide Memorial. He said that this should be a good example for other public and private institutions. He also asked SORAS Group to set up a document containing information on SORAS employees killed in the genocide against the Tutsi and the same document will also be made available to CNLG, so that the history of genocide against the Tutsi in SORAS Group could be accessible to many people.

SORAS Group granted a check of two million Rwandan Francs (2 000 000 Rwf) for a better preservation of Ntarama Genocide Memorial Site which recently has entered in the UNESCO World Heritage.

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