SORAS commemorates for the 22nd time genocide against the Tutsi

SORAS Group on April 15, 2016 remembered former staff and all Rwandans killed during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

About nine former staff who were murdered during the genocide, include Céléstin Kabanda, Marie Claire Kantengwa, Félix Mudenge, Jonas Muhire, Dr. Charles Munyangeyo, Théoneste Ruzindaza, Evaliste Sibomana, Umutesi and Immaculée Uwilingiye.

The commemoration event brought together SORAS Group staff particularly those working with SORAS Group Ltd, SORAS Assurance Générale ltd and SORAS vie ltd. Apart from the top officials of SORAS Group, the event was also attended by CNLG (National Commission for Fighting against Tutsi) official- Beatha Wibabara as the guest of honour.

The commemoration event started in the morning by the visit of Ntarama Genocide memorial Site by SORAS Group executives and staff and in the afternoon, the Commemoration continued at SORAS Group Headquarters where families, friends of the victims and SORAS Group officials and staff paid respect to the former SORAS staff murdered during the Genocide against Tutsi by laying wreaths on tombstone containing their names.

At the same occasion, Mr. Mporanyi and his wife lit the Flame of Remembrance which symbolizes the courage and resilience of Rwandans over the last 22 years, then after, everyone present took part in a walk to remember from the Headquarters Group SORAS to St. Michael Cathedral for a religious service in memory of the victims.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Mporanyi said most of institutions in Rwanda before the genocide were conducted on the genocidal ideology basis where ethnic and regional affiliations were one of the pillars of segregation that prevailed in Rwanda and the Government was playing a sizeable role.
“SORAS Group fought against this system until I am jailed for a month and when I came back, I have restructured SORAS especially senior executives who took advantage of my absence and tries to rush the company into the genocidal ideology track ” he said.

Mr Mporanyi reiterated that the walk of remembrance is very important to evince that now everyone is stand for the fight against the genocide ideology and has reminded the audience that the genocide will never happen again because Rwanda has survived the plan of those who wanted its total destruction.

Speaking at the occasion, the CNLG( Natioanal Commission for the Fight against the Genocide) representative thanked SORAS Group for its respectable culture to pay respect to its former Staff victims of the genocide against Tutsi and she said that today violence against genocide survivors has remarkably declined and she asked everyone’s role to show mass graves in which victims were thrown in order to be buried with dignity.

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