SORAS Group celebrates world labor Day 2016

The celebration of the day started on Friday April 29, 2016 by a collective walk of different both public and private institutions and the walk started from Kimihurura (KBC roundabout) to end at Petit Stade Amahoro where held a final Match between Wasac (Water and Sanitation Corporation) and Minisante ( Ministère de la Santé) .The match which ended by the victory of WASAC of 3 sets to one for Minisante.

The celebration of the day in SORAS Group took place on May 2, 2016 and was started by a friendly football match between the employees of SORAS Group. It took place at Umumena Stadium in Nyamirambo area, the match which ended with the victory of 3 goals to 2 in favor of the blues who played against the Reds.
After sports activities at Mumena Stadium, the celebrations of the day have continued with a conviviality ceremony at Lemigo hotel, where different remarks and handing over of Atlas Training Certificates were to take place.

Speaking to the occasion the SORAS Group staff representative, Mr Peter Gahima, welcomed the partnership between the SORAS Group and SANLAM and the restructuring that are currently taking place within SORAS group for the smooth running of company’s operations.

During the same ceremony, the laureates of the Atlas training were given certificates .The finalists are :

Fiacre G. BIRASA

Jean Chrisostom HODARI


Speaking to the occasion, the Chairman of SORAS Group, Mr. Charles MPORANYI said that dedication to work is a daily motto in the SORAS. He said that the work is an irreplaceable medicine in life and that any member of the body without exercise, its muscles will atrophy.

He said that the ongoing restructuring within the SORAS goes along with changing commercial strategies without forgetting the change of investment strategies in the context of the solvency margin and he finally urged SORAS staff to take seriously the professional training offered to them because these ones cost the company a lot of money.

The event in pictures :

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