Since 2014, Soras has been the official sponsor of Tour du Rwanda and has been rewarding the Best Young Rider with the SORAS jersey. This year 2016, Soras will once again be part of the Tour which will take place from November 13th to November 20th. On Wednesday June 8th, a press conference was held to make the official presentation of the Tour du Rwanda 2016 at Classic Hotel in Kigali. During the presentation, the route for this year was unveiled and it features new areas like Karongi and Rusizi. The tour will feature 16 teams and 80 riders from around the world and will also be covered by international media. Soras is excited to be the official sponsor of the tour du Rwanda 2016 and Soras is looking forward to reach all its customers all over the country in a good atmosphere in one of the most popular event in the country.

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