SORAS is a reliable insurer - Abiyingoma

Abiyingoma Aimable speaks with an aura of joy and satisfaction. A joy derived from the recent total repair of his vehicle and put back to the road after an accident.

Because his vehicle was insured, SORAS picked the bill for the overhaul. Abiyingoma, who lives in Musanze town, Northern Province, says on 17th May 2016 as he was driving to Kigali, from his home in his Toyota Carina, was hit by a Fuso track, leaving his car severely damaged.

Abiyingoma, thank God, came out of the car unscathed. But his car was tattered. Because he had insured the car with SORAS, he collected himself and embarked on following the processes and procedures of getting compensation.

“Policemen inspected the scene of accident, gave me the prerequisite forms to fill and then declared my claim before SORAS,”, explains Abiyingoma.

SORAS, insurers of distinct trust, expeditiously went through his paperwork, cross-checked and verified all to be order. Abiyingoma’s was repaired in Musanze town and handed over to him on 1st July 2016.

”My car was well repaired, hard to believe it had got severe damage. It took Rwf560, 500 to do the repairs, duly paid by SORAS. I pay a yearly premium of Rwf60,000. That enabled me benefit. I am satisfied with SORAS sense of timeliness and commitment to what they promise.”

On 8th July 2016, after receiving his well repaired car, Abiyingoma wrote to SORAS, thanking them for their superior way of doing things.

In that specific letter, Abiyingoma appreciates the way SORAS compensated him by way of repairing his damaged but insured car.

“When a person accomplishes an incredible work, he/she deserves to be thanked. It is something from the Rwandan culture, and it is a motivation for all to work hard and get appreciated,” wrote.

Abiyingoma says he is glad to be insured by SORAS, and appreciates the way this company expeditiously came in to help when he was involved in an accident.

“Get your car insured with SORAS. All my expectations have been met. It is real. SORAS keep their promises, and I’m a living testimony to that fact.”

When he wrote a letter thanking SORAS management, he said he didn’t want any feedback from them. But unexpectedly he has received a call from SORAS management assuring him that what they did to him was an everyday duty to all their clients, and it was a fact that they are driven by Rwanda culture.

Abiyingoma, a Musanze district businessman, deals in poultry farming, supplying chicken and eggs to various hotels in the area. He raises over 600 layers. He has decided to insure all his fortune with SORAS as he already knows its commitment to fulfilling promises. His other two cars are also insured with SORAS.

“I saw how SORAS offer efficient services using technologies to a big number of clients. I now know why SORAS leads other private insurance companies in Rwanda.”

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