Is improvement of your business productivity close to your heart ? Make your staff feel secure with regard to medical care charges

brings you an appropriate way : Subscription to Group Health Insurance Scheme. This Health Insurance Scheme will refund the charges incurred by your staff for medical care due to illness, accident or maternity.

Our services :

• Direct payment by which the insured pays for his or her medical care and SORAS ASSURANCES GENERALES LTD repays the bill minus patient’s contribution ;
• Indirect payment whereby the insured person pays his or her contribution while the balance of the bill is paid by SORAS ASSURANCES GENERALES LTD.
Patient’s contribution :
Patient’s contribution is the portion of actual medical charges paid by the insured. It represents 15% at King Faisal Hospital and 10% elsewhere.

Note : All drugs officially registered in Rwanda and all medical-surgical treatments recognized by the Ministry of Health are refundable.

Evacuation abroad option :

will pay for medical treatment performed in Kenya, Uganda and India following an accident or serious illness that could not be treated in Rwanda and following an evacuation decision taken by the treating doctors in consultation with our medical adviser.

Last expense option :

A « Last Expense » option additional to medical care coverage may be included in your contract. The premium depends on amount of indemnity that would be paid in case of death of employee or his/her beneficiary.
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