SORAS AG Plc, official Sponsor of 3rd JKA Rwanda Branch Technical Seminar 2019

The Rwanda Karate Federation has organized the 3rd JKA Rwanda Branch Technical Seminar which held from 2nd to 4th August 2019 in the National Olympic Committee of Rwanda Gymnasium located at Remera and it has been conducted by four prominent Japanese instructors led by KAMINO (Seven Dan) the chief of JKA Fukuwoka Branch in Japan

The JKA team also conducted a separate seminar for children. Like the adults, the children too were taken through basic Karate techniques including the Kata, a display of a set sequence of karate moves in a pre-arranged fight against imaginary opponents. SORAS in its core values contributes a lot in the Rwandan Sports sector.

The Chief executive Officer of SORAS Assurances Générales Plc Mr. Fiacre G. BIRASA was among the officials who attended this annual event that has (eighth Dan).

(eighth Dan).

started in 2015 and SORAS AG Plc is the official sponsor of this seminar for a couple of years ago.

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