About the SORAS SAHAM Merger

In 2018, Sanlam Group completed the acquisition of SAHAM Finances, which
resulted in a stronger presence in 34 countries, giving birth to the undisputed
leader in Insurance in Africa.
The transaction represents a significant potential for creating value for our clients
throughout the continent and offering operational and commercial synergies.
In Rwanda, both SAHAM and Sanlam were represented through SAHAM and SORAS
The merger of the “mother” companies led to a natural need to consolidate the local
businesses into one bigger and stronger insurance provider, under the name of
SORAS. The notice of the Merger was signed by the legally authorized authorities on
January 30, 2019.
The new bigger SORAS represents over 40% of the Rwandan insurance market and
is committed to bring the 100 years of expertise of SANLAM group combined with
attractive service offering of SAHAM to all Rwandans.

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