Société Rwandaise d’Assurances-SORAS SA is the first Private Insurance Company to be registered and to operate in Rwanda. It was established on July 2nd 1984 and it started its operations on the 15th November 1984 as per the Presidential decree # 556/07 and which was gazetted on 5th September 1984.

From Inception, SORAS was a subsidiary and had a close technical working relationship with Union des Assurances de Paris-UAP international, which was one of the largest and well known Insurance Companies in France and worldwide. Due to its technical and capacity support, SORAS quickly established its position as a leader in offering quality services and competitive Insurance products.


• To be the Center and leading Insurance Company, not only in Rwanda but also in East Africa and the Great lakes region.
• To continuously develop a sustainable relationship with the Aspirations of Rwanda as a nation, and the East African community as a whole, for faster Economic development and welfare of a people.


• To provide Total and competitive secure cover to our clients backed by unequivocal professional and personalized service
• To be innovative in product development and remain proactive.


• Satisfaction of our clients is our pride, foundation and growth
• Professionalism, excellent and prompt service delivery
• Integrity and Respect
• Humility
• The staff that are continuously motivated by trainings and well packaged.


“INGABO Y’AMAHINA” : SORAS is the most reliable insurance company in Rwanda to give you total secure cover, supported by excellent personalized service all the time.

KN 3 av, KN 71 St, P.O Box: 942 Kigali
Email:[email protected] | Tel: +25(0)78 818 5300